Northern Motion rides for fun, exploration and adventure. We are a new breed of athletes who champion adventure, not results. We value inclusivity instead of elitism, inspiring the next generation of riders and shaping an entirely new sector.

We are innovators and love to ride and evaluate mountain bikes, dirt bikes, ATV's, SxS's every day. When technology, engineering and innovation brings new products to market and expands riding opportunities, such as with pedal assist mountain bikes, we're all for it. We love the ever-present potential there is to go farther, go higher, and go faster. Covering more ground and unlocking new trails farther afield is now suddenly an option. It is an incredible tool for exploration as well as for allowing more people, or those with health issues, disabilities or aging to enjoy the trails. We've been blown away by just how far you can ride and how well they handle rough and rugged terrain. It’s exciting to have that option to jump on them and be very quickly "out there". Anything which facilitates riding more and being out in the countryside can only be a good thing, so thumbs up from us!”

Freeride pro Sam Pilgrim from Haibike ePerformance team says it nicely “I personally hated pedaling up hill, it was just something that sucked in between the fun stuff, but then I actually tried an e-bike and now everything is fun! I actually still can't believe how fun it is even when I’m pedaling up!”

Troy Lee rides Specialized Turbo Levo's and says “I just have more fun on the e-bikes. I smile more, and my playground has gotten twice as big as it was with my pedal bike, which is cool. I can still get home after riding e-bikes for four hours and still have the energy to do some ‘=honey-dos around the house!”  I’m telling people, “It’s gonna be your next bike!” I’m sorry to say, in some capacity you’re going to have some kind of electric system in the next couple of years.

"I get a lot of exercise out there, but now I’ve got screws in my back and I’m not getting any younger, but the e-bike keeps me riding. I ride three or four times a week, where on my regular bike I’ll be able to just ride one. If you ask me, three rides a week is always better than one!"

Ready for Adventure in Copper Harbor

Fun Flowing Uphills on the Turbo Levo's

Pure Fun! Turbo Kenevo with 180mm Ohlins and Lyrik, Industry Nine Hubs