Troy Lee Interview- Electric Bike Action Mag

Troy Lee Interview- Electric Bike Action Mag. 

......“I’ve got a couple of my board members that are 60+ and got those guys a couple of mountain bikes, and now they’re back riding, and they haven’t ridden bicycles in 15 years. They’re back playing in the hills now too!

“It’s a trend that’s not going to go away, so let’s wrap our arms around it. Class 1 is the only one that I’m really pushing for, because I feel like that’s the only one that belongs on the trails with the mountain bikes. If it has a throttle, it belongs in the motorcycle parks.

“I’m a huge fan. Everything I’m touching these days, whether it’s a toothbrush or an electric Skilsaw, is going electric these days. There’s nothing I’m touching that’s not gone electric. I think the batteries are just going to get smaller.

“I just have more fun on the e-bikes. I smile more, and my playground has gotten twice as big as it was with my pedal bike, which is cool. I can still get home after riding e-bikes for four hours and still have the energy to do some ‘=honey-dos around the house!”