Review: Ohlins TTX 22 M Coil Shock

Excellent Pinkbike Review: Ohils TTX 22 M Coil Shock

Standing in the heart of Öhlins’ production lines on the fringes of Stockholm there is an almost serene calmness, an environment with clinical cleanliness more akin to an operating theater than a suspension manufacturer. It’s hard to imagine all this stemmed from Kenth Öhlin turning the lathes in his father’s workshop some forty years ago in pursuit of personal on-track performance to boost his own racing, dissatisfied at the market’s offerings at the time. 

It didn’t take long for friends and other competitors to take interest in Kenth’s shocks. Öhlins Racing was founded in 1976, and just two years later their shock was ridden to World Championship success in the hands of Russian MX star Guennady Moiseev. Take a scan through the ‘Hall of Fame’ on the website and you’ll get a taste of the somewhat bewildering racing success they’ve had, and they can now add two Downhill World Championships to their portfolio…   Pinkbike Review: Ohils TTX 22 M Coil Shock